My name is Edmund Tom Maciejewski, I am running for Berkeley Heights Township Council. I am a Conservative Republican looking to bring Republican Values to Berkeley Heights Government.

I hold two degrees one in Chemical Engineering and the other in Business. I worked in the financial industry/tech field for 20+ years. I have worked for large corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale and Lehman Brothers writing risk and trading software.

I have been deeply involved in the Berkeley Heights Township Government serving on the Recycling Task force, as well as bringing live-streaming to both Berkeley Heights Town Council and Berkeley Heights Board of Education.

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When the Municipal Building initial bonding was done back in 2017 I stood in front of the post office for a week and gathered Berkeley Heights Residents Signatures, roughly 400 of them, in order to put this massive municipal complex and its substantial cost, $28,000,000 at the time, on the ballot for the residents to have a legitimate say as to if we wanted the building, and if we were willing to pay $28,000,000 of it.

This petition for a referendum was denied by the township clerk, with what seemed like interference from the Township Council via their attorney. The reason for the rejection was that the Township Council voted to use the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law on their own property. This disallowed the residents any right, a right normally granted, to a referendum on this spending.

I have been working hard to keep the residents informed and their voices heard. When other forms of open communications about local politics were blocked, I created the Berkeley Heights Community group which is completely uncensored. Although not always pretty, town issues can be discussed by both sides in open communication.

I attend and participate in most Township Council meetings and I read most contracts, legal docs and bills from the town. I brought to light that our township planner was mis-rounding and most likely over-billing our town.

I am a fiscal conservative, and fought this year for a tax decrease. When the council proposed a 3.1% municipal tax increase, along with $3.2M in capital spending, I rallied well over 100 residents over a short period of time to back a letter I wrote to the Council asking them for tax relief while we were all getting financially battered. This request was not immediately granted, but we persisted and after a few iterations the council finally passed a 0% municipal tax hike with over a million dollars less in capital spending with no services cut.

This year the residents have a clear choice as to who they would like to represent the Republican Brand on the Ballot. If you feel like our township has been going in the right direction over the past 9 years, including the state of the municipal building and the overdevelopment of our downtown our normally skyrocketing municipal taxes, and the town tripling its debt over the past 4 years you have the 3 term incumbent Jeanne Kingsley to choose from.

However, if you believe that local politics needs turnover to avoid our government officials becoming too entrenched in special interests, and you would like conservative representation and someone who is willing to put what it takes to actually represent and Respect The Taxpayers, I would ask for your vote. Edmund Tom Maciejewski (10F) along with George de Luna (11F) are Conservative Republicans looking to Respect the Taxpayer.