A little progress each day adds up to big results, and in Roselle, we are getting the work done.  As First Ward Councilwoman, I am working hard each day to help move Roselle forward and give its residents what they need and deserve.  I know that the actions we all take today are motivated by a desire to build a strong, successful community for our families and ultimately our future.  I continuously seek input from every resident because we are in this together.  I cannot do it alone.  That means your voices are heard, your ideas and thoughts are welcomed, and your concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Something that I have been excited about as a Councilwoman has been our monthly First Ward meetings where residents and I meet to collectively discuss issues and improvements for our ward.  It is one way to continue the dialogue and stay connected, and I cannot wait to resume these engaging meetings when it soon becomes safe to do so.  In the meantime, I am continuing to reach out through phone calls, email, and regular mail so that we can keep each other updated and informed about what matters to us!

Even during these tough times, we have paved our roads, repaired lampposts, and fixed our sidewalks.  We are now resuming bulk trash pick in June because we understand that it’s important as we begin the process back to normalcy. Our Police Department is working diligently to maintain public safety.  Our Fire Department and emergency workers are quick responders.  We are ensuring that neighborhoods are kept clean and that properties are well-maintained for the benefit of all of us.  I am happy to ensure that we are operating efficiently to bring Roselle residents the best quality of life.  This is a beautiful town and our goal is to keep it that way.  Let’s enjoy it, and let’s embrace the future as a team.

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I am truly proud of how Roselle has come together as one during this pandemic… neighbors helping neighbors.  That’s how I know that we, together as a town, can accomplish anything.  Help me continue to do what is right for our Borough and VOTE Column A on your mail-in ballot before July 7th, the Right Way Forward!

Councilwoman Isabel Sousa