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Whole Spectrum Autism

Whole Spectrum Autism champions autism acceptance and inclusion by facilitating community engagement and serving as a voice for families whose loved ones are on the spectrum.

At the center of everything we do is the firm belief that all communities should strive to serve each and every member equitably. Without the right tools and education, however, this becomes a virtually impossible feat. Children and adults on the autism spectrum are so individual in terms of needs and ability to interact, that most often we only see those who are on the “higher” end of the spectrum because they are more adaptable to environments outside the home. There is, however, an entire population of families who are unable to partake in community life because we just do not provide a safe community space for their loved ones and for them.

Whole Spectrum Autism facilitates meaningful community partnerships so that families that have a loved one with autism can truly feel like they are part of the greater community because they are included, accepted, and understood. Autism acceptance means that families with loved ones on the spectrum feel comfortable in public spaces and at events because neuro-diverse behaviors such as vocalizing or stimming have been normalized. Inclusivity is not just a matter of culture or race – it’s a matter of critically looking at how to enrich community engagement by serving the needs of the many, not just the few. And, it requires the commitment of the many to make it a reality.