UNION, NJ – A Union man is celebrating the release of his first novel and says he is thrilled to be able to tell a story through characters that he hopes can help people.

Frantz Charles, 25, always wanted to be a writer and said he hopes his debut novel, “The GCP:  The First Resurrection” brings people joy.   

“I believe everyone is packaged with a gift and has a purpose,” said Charles.  “Along the line, we drop the ball in the waves of life whether it’s a demanding job, death in a family, depression, toxic relationships. I found mine and used it to benefit others whether it’s writing or mentoring. What you go through, the gifts you have, the passions you have will benefit others.”  He said he found telling his testimony through fictional characters in his novel helped others. “I found I helped people while they enjoyed the story which brings me joy. If you don’t know your passion or gift, do take the time to get to know you, and you’ll find it. It’s usually what you love doing, and it’s simple for you to do.”

Charles said he always wanted to be a writer, but “as I got more familiar with myself and got to know me more I realized the gifts and talents I had.”  He said while continuing to pursue writing, he wants to incorporate work in the film and television industry.

Charles, a Union High School graduate, said his favorite subject in school was creative writing and general math. “For me, general math was a class that taught me about financial literacy. A class that will stay with me forever.”  Charles said he enjoyed his creative writing class and “it taught me to be a better writer just by listening and reading the book “The Uglies” by Scott Westfield.”

About writing, Charles said, “I love pouring out my heart and mind on paper. Writing is really an art, whether it’s a fantasy novel or poetry.”  He said he anticipates continuing to write, but also “I feel like in different parts of my life I’ll pursue different passions.” 

Charles is currently attending William Paterson University in Wayne, majoring in Communication (Media Production). “I want to not just write, but write for TV and film and produce film.”

According to an Amazon book description, ““The GCP: The First Resurrection” is a spellbinding fantasy novel set in the not-too-distant future. Planet Earth is being attacked by a set of alien gods, led by the mighty goddess Vera.”  Charles’ debut novel is available on his website www.frantzcharles.com and on Instagram: @frantzpcharles.