Nick and Bob Finamore wrote a memoir covering the adventures of everyday life of ordinary people in 1940s Haledon, New Jersey. The book titled "Two Jersey Brothers: Stories from Our Haledon Boyhood 1939 to 1953" covers their upbringing in a close Italian family that emphasized values of a strong work ethic and physical and mental disciplines. 

The book covers visits with their mother to a variety of stores in downtown Haledon. They were exposed for the first time to dirty jokes at the barber shop and were mesmerized by exposure to a piano roll player piano at a local bar. They took for granted seeing first hand killing of freshly selected chickens at the poultry store. They shopped for Italian food at Romano's Delicatessen and savored the pungent odor of sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, olives and garlic sufficient to ward off a family of vampires

In 1944 their father opened a vintage diner named the Belmont Diner for the street location. The brothers worked as short order cooks and performed many menial tasks including peeling 100 pounds of Idaho potatoes at one sitting. They held a number of other jobs outside of the diner as paperboys and bowling pin setters. They met a large number of funny and fascinating characters who frequented the establishment and influenced their values. There was the comedian, the artistic painter, plumber,  oilman, body shop man, Dugan's delivery driver, and others.

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The most infamous event in Haledon's history was the 1913 strike by silk workers demanding improved working conditions including eight hour shifts instead of twelve and elimination of child labor. The American Labor Museum at the Botto House in Haledon is dedicated to that movement that lasted for six months. Evelyn Hershey, education director at the Botto House said about the book: "Instead of telling history of presidents, kings, or corporate magnates, they're telling history through recollections of ordinary working people".

Paperback editions of the book are for sale on for $12.95 each.

Bob Finamore's career in education spanned 35 years in which he served as teacher, coach, driving instructor and athletic director. An athlete from a very young age, he received many accolades, most notably honored MVP awards in high school, college and a post-season bowl game. He has also been inducted by his high school, college and local athletic association (Paterson Old Timers) into their Hall of Fames.

In "Two Jersey Brothers" book," Bob's memoir with his brother Nick, he recounts boyhood encounters with many famous sports names including baseball's "Joltin'" Joe DiMaggio; "The Sultan of Swat" Babe Ruth; champion Middleweight boxer Vince Martinez; top PGA golfers Roberto DiVicenzo and Dr. Cary Middlecoff; NFL LA Rams head football coach Ray Malavasi and more.

Following his graduation Memphis State College, he was drafted by the New York Jets and afterwards served for two years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict.

His wife Shirley passed away after forty-four years of marriage. He lives in his home in Wayne, New Jersey and spends time with his daughter, son, and two grandchildren who live nearby.

Nick Finamore is a retired AT&T Regional Vice President with a thirty-five year career in engineering, computer systems, sales and human resources. 

Upon retirement, AT&T contracted with him for another 12 years as a loaned executive under three New Jersey governors to assist in improving their state department operations.

"Two Jersey Brothers”, Nick’s memoir with his brother Bob, describes many life-changing events and influences from his childhood  in Haledon, New Jersey, experiences which gave rise to a number of challenging hobbies. He became a pilot and partner in a Piper Arrow airplane; a performing pianist; a sailboat enthusiast on Cape Cod waters; and a licensed ham radio operator.

Nick and his wife of fifty-eight years, Marie live in Annandale, New Jersey. They have three children and six grandchildren.