CHATHAM, NJ – Borough residents are curious when Charles Ross and Andrew Holloway show up and start measuring the circumference of a tree.

The Borough of Chatham interns are just doing their job, which is to inventory every tree in town.

“Some people think we’re crazy because we’re basically going around measuring trees,” said Holloway, who studied environmental policy at Rutgers. “People ask why we’re on their property and once they find out, they’re happy and they want us to take away a tree that was damaged during Sandy.  A lot of people want their trees cleared out.”

Ross, who majored in geographic science at James Madison, and Holloway are working their way through the borough.

“When we’re done, we’ll know how many trees are diseased, what kind of trees they are, and whether they’re on borough property or private property,” Ross said. “We’ve broken the town into six sections and we’re three-quarters of the way through one section.”

Ross estimates that they log the specifics of about 80 to 100 trees per day and have more than 600 charted.

“The hardest part is figuring out whether the tree is on borough or private property,” Holloway said.