Now that Spring has finally arrived after the terrible Winter we endured, I wanted to check out the latest and greatest in kids' footwear and accessories.  There are some cool new things available for your little one's tootsies, but I'll start by looking at something old that's making a comeback...

Australian company Jelly Beans has brought back the jelly sandal, a childhood favorite of mine from the 1980s. Available in more than a dozen colors and finishes (sparkle, solid, transparent, and -- of course -- neon!), the Jelly Beans jelly shoes cost $29.99. They are waterproof and just so much fun for spring and summer. You can find these online at

Flik Flops are kids' sandals with LED lights, and they are super cool. My kids tried them out and they said they were rock stars at a disco party. Flik Flops are fun -- how could they not be -- and are $16.95 with free shipping from  Note - I found these shoes to run almost two sizes small, so do be careful when ordering.

For rainy spring days and summer thunderstorms, Zoubaby's children's monogrammed boots are a stylish way to make a splash through the puddles. Zoubaby has recently expanded their line to include boots for boys as well as a number of accessories for both moms and kids. From umbrellas to tote bags to iPad cases, Zoubaby has a great selection of items for you, your little one, and even for great gifts. The Zoubaby children's monogrammed boots are $45.00 and available from

I often buy childrens' shoes online from sale sites such as MyHabit, since they just outgrow their shoes so quickly!  But the big question is, what size shoe does he/she wear these days?  Two Atlanta moms came up with a great solution for this problem - Squatchi! It's a kids' shoe sizer (kinda like those old heavy ones that you see in shoe stores) that you can easily use at home.  It's lightweight and comes in a variety of bright colors.  You can even mark it with a permanent marker if you want to use it as a growth chart for feet.  You can buy your own Squatchi for $19.99 from stores including and many others. Check out for more details.

Springtime equals soccer, so what better time to try Balega's Hidden Cool 2 sports socks?  They feature the company's Drynamix air-conditioning fabric system to allow air to flow and keep your little David Beckham's or future Mia Hamm's feet cool and dry. Balega's kids line also has a seamless toe for comfort, a reinforced heel and toe for durability, and cushioning for comfort and protection. The socks are $5.50 a pair and can be ordered online at

Another great accessory for sports season are Lock Laces. They are quite the clever invention!  Basically, you lace up your shoes with the elastic bungee laces, attach the lock, cut off the excess, and then lock them into place. You never have to tie your shoes again! They're terrific for distance sports, kids, and people with special needs or disabilities that might have difficulty tying traditional shoe laces. Lock Laces are $7.99 per pair and are available at and other retailers.

If you're trying like me to teach your child how to tie his or her laces, there is a cute little product called EZLeaps that is here to help. EZLeaps is a new shoe-tying tool that teaches kids how to tie their shoelaces quickly and easily. It's a plastic card that guides your child to make the loops, cross, and pull... and then they just pop the EZ Leaps card off at the end!  There is a helpful video online to show you and your little one exactly what to do. EZ Leaps come in a variety of patterns, including sports, cupcakes, monkeys, and unicorns, and cost $5.49 each. If you buy 3 or more, the price goes down. You can find these at

I hope your kids have some happy feet while you enjoy the rest of Spring, and guess what? Summer will be here before we know it!