SUMMIT, NJ - 'Suburban Vernacular', described by artist Lisa Dworkin as "a collection of Summit cityscapes and scenes that are evocative of narrative and graced by hilltop light," is now on display in the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey's second-floor strolling gallery through November 29.

Of the 12 works displayed, four feature the iconic Summit Diner, with the artist donating half the proceeds from the sale of those paintings -- and limited edition prints of the paintings -- to Summit's The Other Fellow First Foundation. The Foundation affectionately notes the Diner is its 'world headquarters'.

Dworkin says, "I infuse myself in imagery. I shed early morning light on a cold station; I hear the train and feel the crumble of the frozen ground beneath my feet; I cast shadows and call employees out to see the light at the end of the day; I float above a parking lot and sway with the grasses; I open a door to smell the fresh cut grass; I tend a garden; I hear a conversation; I feed a hungry soul with comfort food and connection. I do all these life-affirming actions through my painting. The scenes are a sample of suburban life.  But through light and color and space and time, I see and feel more."

She adds, "What are the personal moments and memories that live in or are enhanced by the suburban architecture?   As a recent resident of Summit, I see the open doors, illuminated lights, smokestacks billowing, cars idling as intimate glimpses of a community churning, breathing, connecting."