Did you know that Summit's Franklin Elementary School library has a new item on their shelves? They're called Playaways-- self-playing, preloaded audiobooks. The small electronic device has one book on it. They are very portable, easy to use and easy to hold for elementary school children.

Loreli Stochaj, Franklin School librarian, SEF teacher liaison and grant author explains, "The Playaways are great!. Children are able to listen to books anywhere. An SEF grant provided the money to see if they were worthwhile for this age and now we have added more to our collection. The Playaways are always checked out!"

Sylvie says, "Playaways are great because they can come in handy for very long car trips. You can't seem to put them down."

Aiden likes the Playaways because, "I can do other things while I am listening to the Playaway."

Unlike CDs, audio cassettes or downloads, Playaways do not need a separate player. Instead, Playaways come pre-loaded and ready to use with one audiobook per device, making them simple to use and easy for the library to circulate. Come on in and test one out!