To the Editor,

Following a damaging storm of this recent magnitude, residents deserve regularly updated reports on the scheduling of repairs to electric and telephone lines.

It is going on four days and not one word from Mayor Kelly and almost nothing from Deputy Mayor Ness. How long will service realistically be restored?  Pressure by a Mayor can bring faster results if brought to bear in the right places.

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When I was on the Committee, I believe it was when Sandy hit, (if that was the name of the storm which hit before Halloween), Nicole Hagner then Mayor, and I were on JCP&Light's back every day until services were restored.  I visited out of state crews in their marshaling areas to find out where and when they expected to regain service, and kept in touch with our Public Works Dept. to help identify areas where power lines were down.

We helped man the Rescue Squad's building to take calls from residents, provide an area where residents could come to charge up devices or make calls. It was government in action as it should be, handled by caring, responsible elected officials.

Where has Mayor Kelly been these past four days?  Did anyone see him driving about town or discussing problems with residents?  I noticed Curt Ritter our past Mayor had the concern to post a memo in TAP regarding the Huron area problems and service issues.

Any Mayor should be front and center representing us, and especially be in constant contact with the electric and telephone service providers.

This would appear to be another ongoing example of Kelly's lack of ability to run the Town and represent our residents as pointed out by Dan Miller when he called for Kelly's resignation..

Bailey Brower, Jr.  

Past Mayor and 12-year Committee person.