WEST ORANGE, NJ - St. Cloud Elementary School celebrated Flag Day by singing patriotic songs and cutting the Ribbon on the new wall mural now gracing the entrance hallway of the school.

Despite a few raindrops, the school gathered on the front lawn, along with parents, officials, and even former alumni, to celebrate the mural that students raised $11,000.00 to produce.  Every student, every teacher, each staff member, and any parent wishing to participate had a hand in the sketching, painting, and completion of the mural, which was spearheaded and overseen by artist Caren Frost Olmsted.  Scenes of the Edison Lab, Town Hall, and Turtleback Zoo are featured, along with several famous figures like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Clara Barton, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King.

The students gathered on the front lawn to watch teacher Susan Kantor, Assemblyman John McKeon, and Principal Eric Price cut the ribbon celebrating the mural, and waved American flags as they sang patriotic songs for Flag Day.