Washington, DC — Representative Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) released the following statement after voting for H.R. 1, landmark legislation to strengthen election and ethics laws:


“President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security said the 2020 election was the most secure in American history, but we now see states trying to roll back recent gains made to increase voter access to the ballot box. H.R. 1 will improve election security, continue to increase access to the ballot box, and help states improve voting systems. It also takes sweeping action to hold elected leaders and those running for office accountable to the people we serve, from strengthening ethics rules to improving campaign finance disclosures.


“I’m deeply concerned that my colleagues across the aisle continue to refuse to strengthen our democracy, even in the wake of January 6. As we work on the business of the American people, we need all members to put the citizens of our country first and ensure robust participation in our democracy.”