SUMMIT, NJ - A grant from the Summit Educational Foundation (SEF) has enabled Summit High School (SHS) to purchase two class sets of the Student Response System Spark 32 Pad Systems (Spark) for use throughout the Social Studies department.

Jim Woods, supervisor of the Social Studies department and the grant author explains, “I think there are two major benefits of the Spark System (commonly known as "the clickers"). First, they allow teachers to assess, in real time, what students understand about a topic that has been taught.  Teachers use the feedback to enhance or modify their instruction in order to help students comprehend the material. They can see who missed which questions and/or where a class is having difficulty in general with a concept."  Woods continued, "Secondly, it is another way to engage all the students in the room. One person isn't answering a question, everyone is. Observation and feedback from students suggest they enjoy the activity."

"I really like it (the Spark System). It helps review what you do and do not know and it helps you study," said junior Patrick Bauer. Classmate Dylan Diaz adds, "It (the Spark System) gives us a good taste of what is going to be on a test along with other options that are not the correct answers."  

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