RARITAN, NJ - The Raritan Borough Municipal Building opened back up to employees Thursday following a 10-day-long closure.

Three municipal employees tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the building to close its doors on Jan 4.

Business was being completed remotely, Interim Borough Administrator Eric Colvin said, though not all employees were able to do their job from home. Noting that a recommended amount of time had passed and that the building had been sanitized, he opened up a discussion about bringing employees back to the building while remaining closed to the general public during Tuesday’s council meeting.

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Mayor Zack Bray said it was time to welcome employees back into the building. If the council decided to keep the building closed while some municipal employees could not complete their duties from home and others were still working, a discussion on furloughs would have to be opened.

“I think the building should and can be open safely for employees,” he said

The building is reopening with an added emphasis on safety. In addition to temperature checks for everyone entering the building and a log kept for contact tracing purposes, the importance of masks and cleanliness will be reminded to all borough employees.

Employees returning after exposure to COVID-19 will do so only while following all recommended guidelines. Bray emphasized the importance of “ensuring that people who are returning to work after being out for a period of time due to COVID do whatever they have to do to ensure that they are returning to work safely.”

Colvin mentioned that the borough’s labor attorney forwarded COVID-19 related guidelines to the council, which will be followed by all employees and council members.

If there is another COVID-19 related issue, the building will take additional precautions and close as required, Colvin said.