The Alternative Press (TAP) of Livingston recently sat down with Jodi Solotoff, Co-Owner of PIP Printing and Marketing Services, to learn more about her and her company, as part of a new member benefit being provided by The Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with TAP Livingston.

Q: Tell me a little about PIP Printing.

A: PIP Printing is a family-owned business located at 465 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave., in Livingston. Since 1990, PIP has been serving Livingston and companies throughout the state with integrated printing and marketing services. It is owned by Georgia, Steve and myself, Jodi, Solotoff. PIP Printing can be reached at 973-533-9330 and the website is:

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer everything in regards to printing and copying from variable printing and digital printing to book printing, offset printing, large format printing, vehicle graphics, blueprinting services, and legal copying.

We also provide direct marketing including: direct mail, email marketing, one-to-one marketing, integrated marketing and every door direct mail.

Our data services include: list profiling, list segmentation, list acquisition, list hygiene, response tracking and reporting, direct mail testing and refinement and list management.

Other products include: signs/posters/banners; creative services/web design/graphic design; mobile marketing; web to print; fulfillment services; finishing/binding; promotional products and social media marketing.

And, we do photo books, labels, business cards, greeting cards, invitations and even shredding.

We also help clients with branding; customer reactivation; cross-sell/up-sell; customer retention; marketing performance and lead generation.

Basically—we do it all. All anyone has to do is ask.

Q:  What makes PIP unique?

A: We are much more than a standard printing press. Although people definitely have traditional needs, and we are happy to help, we also offer integrated marketing services so customers can make effective use of their marketing dollars to reach their target audiences. We provide solution-based services and don’t “just throw it all at the wall to see what sticks.” We want our clients to have cost-effective ROI. We collaborate, make suggestions, provide advice and offer tried and true solutions. We also offer personalized services.

In addition, I am a local business owner with local community attachments. As a company and as a person, I am very involved in the community and I try to give back as often as I can. I volunteer at many events, and when I can, I advertise in event journals and local venues to help the local economy. I have a real pride in ownership and strive to provide the best possible customer service. Every project we do at PIP is important to us as a company, and to me personally—large or small.

Q: What are people surprised to learn about your services?

A: People are shocked all of the time. They often walk in not really knowing what they want or need and are floored when I start telling them all of their options. For instance, we offer all types of project finishing from making bound books to all kinds of forms: numbered and multi-part, etc. We can also print tickets, perforated items, large size posters, banners, and so much more. And, all design and production is done in-house.

We also do mailings of all sizes and can take them from creative all the way to the post office. We can do the whole thing.

Q: With the world largely digital now, do you feel the need for printed pieces is waning?

A: No, regardless of what people say, printing is here to stay. I believe that print drives web. In fact, Google sends me mail all the time.

People still want something tangible. And, honestly, people want to get their information in all different ways—via websites, Facebook, You Tube, news sites, TV, radio, etc., but they also want items in their hands whether it is a brochure, a letter or even a magazine or book. There is still room and a need for both.

Besides, you can’t always access the web for one reason or another—being on an airplane, in a non-wifi area, or in a location where you don’t have the login information.

The world needs both—web and print. I don’t think it needs to be one or the other. Both serve useful purposes but they are better in conjunction.