CLIFTON, NJ -- Dr. Michael Magwood, family chiropractor and founder of Pure Balance Center, spoke with TAPintoTV about his work with babies and children. As part of his practice, Magwood works with people of all ages, including younger children and infants. 

Magwood often consults with new parents about trauma their child may have experienced at birth to determine a course of treatment. According to Magwood, “If we say, ‘Mom, was it traumatic giving birth?,” they go, ‘Oh, yes.’” After they discover whether trauma occurred at birth, Magwood and his team now know to look for the physical effects of that trauma on both the baby and the mother. Dr. Magwood and the staff of Pure Balance Center help to develop a plan for addressing those traumatic effects as well as a path to overall wellness. 

Dr. Magwood has extensive experience treating younger children and is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). The ICPA is made up of 5,000 doctors, who “meet regularly, from training sessions to weekend workshops to seminars to a yearly summit,” Magwood said. “This is a group of doctors that all have one thing in common: that families get the opportunity to grow up with chiropractic as a part of their natural lifestyle.”

Dr. Magwood and his staff are currently accepting patients at Pure Balance Center’s Clifton, New Jersey and  New York City offices.

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