Criminal Mischief – Prospect Street - Response was made to the area in regards to a criminal mischief complaint.  The victim stated that two of the signs on their front lawn were vandalized during the evening hours. The signs had been on the lawn for approximately three (3) weeks.  The signs were observed to have been spray painted over with red spray paint. 

Burglary – Highfield Lane - Homeowner contacted Police to report a past occurred burglary.  They stated that they purchased the home over a month ago and within the last two weeks there have been multiple incidents of vandalism.  Victim has a construction sign on the lawn and it was painted with black spray paint, and the American flag above the front steps was ripped down.  The screen porch door was torn and it appears someone entered the home from the side porch. 

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Property Damage – Conover Avenue - Patrol responded to the area in regards to a report of property damage.  The homeowner stated that a large tree limb from the neighboring property fell onto their property.  The limb caused damage to the fence, gutters, and possibly the roof.  The neighbor was then advised of the incident and their property checked for any damage, which was negative.  Both parties stated they will be contacting their homeowner’s insurance regarding the incident. 


Criminal Mischief – Chestnut Street – Dispatch was advised of derogatory writing on the foot bridge near the north end of Memorial Park two days in a row. Officers arrived and observed one (1) area written in pink chalk on the wall of the foot bridge.  This is the same location as another previous report. Photographs were taken, Parks Department, who will remove the graffiti.


Criminal Mischief – Roma Street - The victim reported something struck their vehicle.  In a small area it would seem as if a rock or stone struck the windshield resulting in a long 14” crack being visible down the windshield.  It is unknown where or when the incident occurred.

Fraud – Officers received a report of fraud.  The victim stated they were contacted by an "Officer Alan Greene," who stated the victim’s name came up I an investigation and a warrant was issued for them.  To rectify the situation, they needed to follow specific instructions to which the victim agreed.  They were told a vehicle was found on the side of the road in Texas containing drugs and they found that money was being wired to the victim’s bank account.  The victim was instructed to go to Target and purchase 4 gift cards in the amount of $1,600 and call “Agent Khalifa” with the numbers, which the victim did.  When the actor/s gave the victim a phone number to call tomorrow for an appointment, they decided to call immediately and found the number was out of service.  It was then that the victim felt they may have been scammed.  Detective Bureau was advised.

It should be noted that the FBI, DEA, or IRS would not ask a person by phone to withdraw funds to satisfy an active warrant, especially via gift cards.

Illegal Dumping – Centre Street – Property owner reported that an actor/s dumped a large amount of wood onto their property.  The wood appeared to be from a grey colored staircase.  Some of the wood was in black bags.  The homeowner was advised of their right to file a complaint with the Municipal Court should the identity of the actor/s become available.

Theft – Washington Avenue – Headquarters received a report of a stolen bicycle.  After returning home from shopping the bike was placed on the side of the home.  When the victim left for work the bike was not there.  Other residents were asked about the bike with negative results.  Description received was a teal, Mongoose brand bike with an approximate value of under $200.00.  The victim was advised of their right to sign a complaint with the Municipal Court should the actor/s be identified.


Property Damage – Whitford Avenue – Homeowner reported a tree limb fell on their vehicle.  Officers observed the tree limb came from a Township tree and caused a small dent on the trunk of the victim’s vehicle.  They removed the limb and contacted Shade Tree for removal.  The victim was advised to contact their insurance agency.

Suspicious Incident - Headquarters received a report of a suspicious incident.  The victim stated they received a voicemail from an actor claiming to be from the Social Security Administration.  Upon returning the call, the victim spoke with someone who had all of their personal information, including social security number and advised that they were under investigation by the FBI.  The caller said the FBI found a vehicle registered to the victim which contained 20 pounds of cocaine, and they were facing jail time. The victim hung up the phone and contacted the FBI Newark Field Office and was informed there was no investigation, and he was the victim on a scam.  The victim was advised to contact their financial institutions to alert them of the incident.  They were also informed of the Identity Theft Victim database which they declined at this time.