NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Capitalizing on the almost instant success of provisioning students with iPads, the high school is allowing students to keep the devices throughout the summer recess to hone skills and pursue new learning initiatives.

“We felt strongly that the devices have become an integral part of the work students have been doing,” Schools Superintendent Dr. David Miceli said.

Freshmen through juniors were provided with the devices in February, but due to the near completion of the academic year, seniors were excluded.

Come September, with the start of the new school year, incoming freshmen will receive the devices.

Providing high school students with the iPad devices has opened a window of opportunity for the school district to outfit the middle and elementary schools with additional technological resources.

Laptop and desktop computers at the middle school will be redirected to elementary schools and replaced by a limited number of iPads.  “It’s much more cost effective,” Miceli said.

At the district’s recent board meeting, Allie Charlton was presented with a certificate of excellence by board member Ira Krauss.

A student at Allen W. Roberts, Allie approached several teachers with a vision to capture special moments from the 2012-13 school year.

The young lady wanted to highlight the many character education and community building activities by filming part of the regular school routine.

“Allie’s ambition, determination and caring nature helped her achieve her objective while also providing a lasting memory etched in the minds of everyone who views the iMovie,” Krauss said.

Singled-out for deserved praise was Assistant School Superintendent Dr. Deborah Feinberg, who recently announced her retirement and attended her last school board meeting.

“You’ve left the school district a better place than when you arrived,” Board President John Wolak said of the educator who also served as a teacher and principal of the high school.

Krauss also noted that improvements to the bleachers at Leider Field are underway to provide wheel chair accessibility and seating to the stands.

Board Secretary James Testa said the improvements would cost $218,000 and be completed in time for the fall sports season.