NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A police lieutenant who allegedly used a city-issued cell phone to repeatedly call a woman and send her at least one nude photo displayed “the behavior of a stalker,” says a member of City Council.

Rebecca Escobar, a member of the council since 2010, addressed a published report that Lt. Raymond Trigg, among other things, called the woman 43 times in one day.

In another reported instance, text messages indicate that Trigg showed up at the woman’s house unannounced and waited outside for about 90 minutes before leaving.

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The published report did not reveal the woman’s identity other to say she is a city employee.

Escobar said during Wednesday night’s meeting, "That’s not the way anybody should behave in the police department or anywhere. And I’m waiting to see – I personally, from what I’ve read and to the best of my knowledge, some of the texts that were printed that I’ve read, that’s the behavior of a stalker.

“So, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable having him on the domestic violence unit, supervising the unit,” Escobar said. “That’s something the police have to make that decision, not me. I’m just expressing my opinion on it. That’s unacceptable behavior for anybody, especially somebody who is working for the city and is serving the residents of the city.”

An internal affairs investigation into the matter resulted in a “not sustained” determination, according to a June 22 report by New Brunswick Today.

According to the report, the New Brunswick Police Department was made aware of the allegations against Trigg in April and immediately launched an internal investigation in conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

New Brunswick Police Department’s information officer Capt. JT Miller told the news site that “it was determined that there was no evidence to support criminal charges, however Lt. Trigg was found to be in violation of department policies and procedures, and was disciplined accordingly.”

The nature of that discipline was raised during Wednesday’s meeting.

“It’s an internal affairs investigation … the details of which are not usually revealed” city attorney TK Shamy said. “I believe since the ultimate disposition that perhaps was revealed already.”

Another member of the council, president John Anderson, said Wednesday, “I’m still trying to get some of the answers myself as perhaps when he knew this lady, when it ended.”

Miller confirmed at Wednesday meeting that Trigg is still employed by the police department.