To the Editor,

I hear that Rep. Mikie Sherrill, our P.R. savvy congresswoman, has wrangled a place in the improvised July 4th Parade. Good for her.

But not good for those who'll be lining the route.

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She has betrayed her constituents by drinking Nancy Pelosi's Kool Aid. While we continue to suffer from this manufactured, self-inflicted economic depression, Mikie has supported policies that have incentivized unemployment, empowered illegal invaders, and otherwise disenfranchised the hard-working middle class in the 11th district. Hiding behind her status as a military vet and sitting on a fire truck can't erase her treachery.

"Moderate Mikie" she is NOT.

She was elected because of a perfect storm of GOP retirements, her predecessor's complacency, and the unholy alliance of the Radical Left, do-nothing dems and their media handmaidens. She promised to be a new kind of Democrat, a consensus-builder not a partisan. Instead, she supported the bogus impeachment and wore white during Trump's triumphant State of the Union speech.

In recent weeks, has she spoken out against the anarchists currently destroying our cities--all of which have been controlled by her pathetic party for the past half-century? Has she stood up for the oaths she swore as a naval officer and a member of the House to defend the Constitution? NO, not at all. She's doubled down on the horrid P.C. nonsense that her side of the aisle peddles.

On merit, she doesn't deserve another term and her preening presence atop a local fire engine, cozying up to the constituents she's ignored, is a farce.

Better we try a true outsider like Rosemary Becchi as our representative. She's a real reformer who deserves the thanks of every parent whose child paid for college via a 529 Plan, which she co-authored. She'll have the backs of the brave firefighters, all the other first-responders and the patriotic majority of our district who Mikie sold out.

Let's see Rosemary Becchi in the parade, not Benedict Sherrill.

Bob Bienemann

Chatham Borough