SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Susan Caljean, South Oranges newly appointed Village Clerk, looks forward to playing a key role in our municipal government, "We’re the go-between for the Board of Trustees and the public,” Caljean said. “I should be the person contacted for any information requested by the public. It’s my job to keep the public informed and the Trustees aware of what needs to be done."

Caljean is passionate about serving South Orange residents. "Everybody is so friendly in town," she observed. "I walk all over town at lunch time. There's always something going on."

Caljean was unanimously appointed by the Board of Trustees to the position of Village Clerk, which is one of the oldest municipal jobs in American history, dating back to the landing of the first settlers in America.

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The Village Clerk is responsible for recording births, deaths, and marriages.  Marriage licenses and certified copies of vital records are issued by the Village Clerk’s office. The Village Clerk is also responsible for voter registration and conducting all elections. The Town Clerk’s office licenses dogs; issues business certificates; and is the keeper of various records dating as far back as the 19th century.

Caljean most recently served as a Chatham Borough Municipal Clerk and has more than 13 years of experience.  She also served as a committee member and advisory board member of the Municipal Clerk’s Association of New Jersey and was elected president of the Morris County Clerks’ Association in January, 2013.

The Board of Trustees unanimously appointed Mrs. Caljean after a four month search.

"I met with the Board of Trustees and the president,” Caljean says. “We clicked. A nice group of people."

She is particularly impressed with the level of advanced technology the town has in place, especially the document management software. "They use what’s called laser fiche, which is a great tool, Chatham did not use it and quite a few towns don't."

She is excited about South Orange’s new website that will be launching in the next month or so.  All public records are available on the townships website.

“The new design will be much easier to use,” she said. "Everything that the Board of Trustees sees, the public sees. Everything is out in the open.”

Mrs. Caljean looks forward to what she hopes is a long tenure with the Township of South Orange.

"It's a real pleasure to work here,"  she stated. "I really, really enjoy it."