HAWTHORNE, NJ - Mayor Richard Goldberg released his weekly letter to the borough Tuesday, the contents of which are below.

Dear Resident,

Our numbers continue to be around .5% of our population. Our totals as of this morning are 1,565 total cases since March 2020, 21 fatalities and 100 active cases.

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We must be proactive and wear masks, wash hands and social distance. Avoid shaking hands and contact with others. We must be vigilant.

I am truly concerned for everyone’s health. The vaccine is not as available as Washington and Trenton would have you believe. Now basically anyone over 16 and claims to smoke is eligible for the vaccine. Demand is outstripping supply.

Our website www.hawthornenj.org has a “COVID-19” button; the section “Current Information from Mayor” provides a link to the NJ Covid-19 Information site https://covid19.nj.gov which will give you vaccine information.

Use common sense. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a public setting, leave. If there are too many relatives at the dinner table, take your plate to your room.

In my last letter I informed you of a rapid testing site on Lafayette Avenue. I wasn’t recommending it, but instead was informing you of this site since there had been many who expressed an interest in a local rapid testing site. I informed you that it wasn’t a local, county or state site. They are a business and charge $125.00 for a rapid test. Do your research to determine whether this is a fair price. I have heard people finding prices from zero to $240.00. If you want to stay local and need an immediate test result, this may be a solution.

Due to an incredible response from our residents, our food bank is full. Thank you to all that have contributed. When the need arises to restock, I will let you know.

We are here at the Municipal Building. If you need assistance, or if you have a question, please call my office at 973-427-1168.

Mayor Goldberg

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