Lost Dog - Please keep an eye out. Here is the post from her owner;

Everyone, thank you so much for your love and well wishes. We are in contact with Hound Hunters. They are amazing and very helpful. We have been in contact with local animal shelters, police, parks, etc. Last night she was spotted a few times in the cedar knolls. If anyone lives in Cedar Knolls or any nearby areas would you please post this flyer on the fb page or share with people in your area.

Although many people have good intentions, their desire to catch her has chased her away, she’s a very fearful dog as it is, yesterday she was 7 miles from her home address. please if you see her, do not chase her...call the number on the flyer immediately.

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If anyone lives in the East Hanover, Morristown, Morris County... would you please post this flyer on their fb page along with this message...they are private groups and I requested to join but have not yet been accepted.

Again, thank you so much for your help and sharing...please continue to share the flyer with everyone! I want this sweet baby to have a happy ending