Puzzles for the Pantry: Local 6th Grader Anikait Sota has donated hundreds of dollars to the Parsippany Food Bank through his passion for the Rubik’s Cube

PARISIPPANY-TROY HILLS – It’s been said that, “The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.” Parsippany resident Anikait Sota seems to be putting this sentiment into practice.

While residents across the community are lamenting a summer unlike any could’ve imagined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sota is using this time to solve the mysteries of one of the most popular puzzles in the world, while giving back to the community in the process.

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Sota, a 6th grade student at Central Middle School, has been combining his passion for mathematics and algorithms with his joy for solving the Rubik’s Cube, the multicolored twisting toy that has enchanted and entangled players across the globe for nearly half a century. “I was able to take strategies and develop an algorithm, and created a new method overall,” Sota said.

His passion for the 3x3 Cube has found him hosting weekly cube-solving lessons online for donations. To date, Sota has collectively raised $850, and has donated it all to Parsippany’s local food pantry (his favorite charity), to assist residents during this challenging time. Sota’s parents also see the importance in their son’s project. His mother’s company offers 100% matching donations to charities. Because of this, Sota and his family have donated $1,700 to the Township’s food pantry, all thanks to Sota’s love for the Rubik’s Cube.

According the U.S. Census, Parsippany has a poverty rate of 4.5%, meaning thousands of Parsippany residents may struggle with regular food accessibility. Because of this, Parsippany’s food pantry continues to be an important part of the community, as economic challenges persist for families, seniors, unemployed, and people with disabilities.

Sota is hoping to continue to do his part to help the community. In fact, Sota is currently enrolling for his next round of Rubik’s Cube classes. He teaches four students, aged 10-12, in 90- minute classes, once per week for four weeks. If you’d like to enroll in Sota’s Rubik’s Cube class, call 973-795-2014 or email asota@hotmail.com.

To find out how you can donate to the Parsippany Food Pantry, call 973-263-7163.