We’ve all been through an unprecedented experience that has forced us into working in ways we could not have even imagined just a short time ago. No doubt It has taken a toll. It has also opened up the possibility to emerge stronger than before.

How do we do that while we are still in the crux of all this uncertainty? Working from home, economic challenges, new customer behaviors, social justice issues. We can't afford to wait until it is all resolved. Now is the time for leaders to invest their time and energy into building healthy, aligned, inclusive teams capable of achieving great results together. Here are four steps leaders can take right now to make a difference:

1. Make the space for your team to reconnect with each and strengthen their bonds. Encourage them to share personal challenges and crossroads. Knowing that your teammates "have your back" is the gas that fuels great teams. Given our physical isolation, teams need this meaningful connection time more than ever. Shift from crisis mode to growth mindset, and talk about what you see as new possibilities to work towards together.

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2. Align on the way forward. Revisit and articulate your shared vision.   Double down on strategies that are working, and let go of work that no longer serves you. Think about what were able to leave behind in crisis, and what else can you can stop doing to make room for new efforts that add more value. Have each team member develop key accountabilities and commit to their part of the team's success.

3. Take collaboration to the next level. Adopt modern, agile approaches to collaborate meaningfully and ensure accountability. Break the cycle of nonstop virtual conference calls.

4. Innovate, experiment, and adopt radically new models of operating and serving customers.

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