To the Editor:

This letter was submitted to the Township Clerk in Barnegat for today's meeting.  I once again question why this meeting is being held as it’s the seventh meeting in a row that violates the Open Public Meetings Act. In light of Mr. Dasti's determination that the meetings comply with the OPM Act.  I would suggest that he discuss the issue with his colleagues Brian Rumpf, Esq., zoning board attorney, and Michael J. McKenna, Esq., planning board attorney. Both of these gentlemen have advised the boards of the requirement to allow public comment during the meeting and they have complied by allowing the public to access the meeting by computer, tablet or smartphone.

The other issue I would like to address is the design of the proposed municipal building. The mayor, committeemen and administrator should be ashamed of the building they have come up with. They have worked on this project for over three years and have never once held a public information meeting to involve the public in the process. This is unheard of in other towns that design a capital project such as this. When Stafford was designing their town hall they went through a long process designing and presenting their rational and plans for a new municipal building. They held a lot of public meetings and went to homeowner, veteran, senior and other groups, It was important to stress the fiscal aspects, and a long range cost savings along with improved services factored with a population growth. We had no opportunity to provide input and as a result have a building that will be an embarrassment for many years.

Bill Neyenhouse