Dear Editor

The June 29 article, "Temporary injunction slows Holtec's work at closed nuclear plant" makes clear that local (and even state) governments have lost the ability to protect their citizens.  Lacey Township's dealings with Holtec are a legitimate assertion of local rights.  But Holtec, Exelon, and/or the shell company that is decommissioning Oyster Creek will outrank local government in its attempts to assert civic priorities.  

In Illinois, we had 3 or 4 refuels before I even knew about it.  I wrote the governor during Byron's refuel asking that he insist that reactors that need refueling close until after the 1000+ bands of wandering techs could no longer spread COVID around the state.  The Governor's office didn't even answer me.  But they could have said, The nuclear industry not only doesn't care about the health of Illinoisians, but also the Governor of the state has no power to protect its citizens from them.  

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But what governor would want to admit that, or make it public?  Elections make no difference here.  Even if the NRC were to assert that the refuelings stop until after COVID (that'd be the day) the utilities could overrule them because the NRC doesn’t have jurisdiction except to protect the public against radiation.  

I just keep becoming more and more angry.  The nuclear fission (and fusion) projects have removed the reason to have a polity.  We need bunches of civics lessons for the public.

Jan Boudart, Chicago, Illinois