To the Editor:

We are again coming up on an important primary election here in Chatham Township. Given the unprecedented events of recent months, now more than ever, it is important that we have strong elected leaders at the municipal government level. We need elected leaders that are attuned to the needs of their constituents and will govern with common sense and without over-regulation.  We need elected officials that trust that we will make good decisions about our own lives, the environment and our economy without having to be micromanaged.  Most importantly, we need elected leaders who will listen to and consider all opinions and points of view, without allowing those opinions to be shouted down by those who disagree.

Mark Hamilton and Ashley Felice are precisely the type of elected official that Chatham Township needs. They both come from strong, conservative backgrounds and their election to the Township Committee will ensure that a truly Republican Agenda is advanced.  I have known Mark personally for many years, both as a fellow attorney and a good friend.  He is smart, capable and his experience as a topnotch litigator handling a variety of highly complex litigated matters across the country will serve us well.  Ashley’s background as both an attorney and small business owner is similarly impressive and she will bring a unique set of skills to municipal government.   Most importantly, they are persons of honesty, integrity and strong work ethic – the most highly valued character traits that we look for and need in our elected officials.

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We are facing some tough tasks ahead of us, including addressing the economic damage that has been caused by COVID-19, not to mention the ongoing Affordable Housing litigation.  It is going to take ingenuity and determination to get ourselves back on track economically, particularly at the local level where the pinch has been felt the most. It’s going to take grit and determination to fight back against the powers in Trenton and hostile courts seeking to impose their oppressive Mount Laurel initiatives. The fresh perspective that will be brought by two highly skilled and motivated professionals will go a long way to pulling us out of these crises and return the Township to the conservative agenda that served us well for so many years.

Please ensure that true conservatism does not lose its voice on the Chatham Township Committee and join me in voting for Mark Hamilton and Ashley Felice in the upcoming primary election which will be all Vote by Mail Ballot.

Daniel R. Bevere

Green Village, NJ

District 1