SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – The Jersey Animal Coalition (JAC) Shelter will be closing November 11, according to South Orange Deputy Village Administrator Adam Loehner.  As of October 10, the Jersey Animal Coalition (JAC) has placed all animals in permanent or temporary homes, sanctuaries and rescues.

The JAC was cited with 51 health code violations and was placed under quarantine back in March. A superior court judge granted the organization “emergent relief” in July, TAP into SOMA reported.

South Orange resident Virginia Canino was a major player in placing the 47 cats from the shelter. She runs her own operation, Morgan Le Fay Cat rescue, where some of the unadopted felines went, in addition to sanctuaries and other rescues. The last cat was adopted on Oct. 1.

“I went in each day for the past few months and brought in adopters through my Petfinder site,” Canino said.

According to a press release, seven dogs remained at the shelter on Oct. 6. However, as of today, temporary homes have been found for all of them with three moving to a no-kill sanctuary in Pennsylvania on Friday, according to source who requested anonymity.

Canino said that social media played a large part in spreading the word about cat adoptions, including helping to find homes for two cats who are AIDS positive.

For their part, the JAC says that the shelter is being closed because of a lack of support from the local administrations of South Orange and Maplewood.

“As one of the few true no-kill shelters in the area, we have provided homeless dogs and cats with safe haven, food, medical attention, training, socialization and provided adoption for more than 8,000 animals,” Ruth Perlmutter, Founder and President of JAC said.

“We are saddened that our two partnering communities have now contracted with the Associated Humane Societies of Newark, where the euthanasia rate is [high], and many of the animals we could have saved have already been euthanized,” she continued.