The Lincoln Hubbard School Jazz Licks Club is a volunteer club that meets before school and any 5th grader is welcome to join. Through a grant from SEF, the club received a brand new drum set, bass and guitar amp, as well as a series of instructional books that help students learn more about jazz technique.

Michael Gleason, LH band and SHS Jazz band director, is the founder of this club and the grant author. He explains, “This program will help to motivate students to continue playing their instrument from 4th to 5th grade, as well 5th to 6th grade. It will also prepare students for the musical opportunities they will have in middle school and high school. Jazz is a fun and engaging genre of music. Students typically are not exposed to jazz until they reach the middle school. Jazz provides more creative freedom than the typical instrumental band program. For example, if a student makes a mistake while playing, it can still sound “right” in the elements of jazz. Improvisation is an avenue through which students can express themselves. The value of improvisation is highly recognized within the educational setting. Taking risks is a quality that we believe needs to be nurtured in all children.”

Members of the club are: Mason Guida (drums), Grace Hayward (piano), Renee Hayford, Olivia Hayward, Lynn Robinson, Matthew Timoney, Cole Noss, Jake Maslin, Caroline Abut, Katrina Lin, Sam Sirabian, and Dean Smith.

We look forward to hearing our budding jazz musicians next year in the LCJSMS Stage Band!