We all heard recently about the most recent deaths related to the flu.  We have some suggestions for preventive measures you can take besides getting vaccinated.  But before we get to that, I wanted to share with you that I have been surprised at how difficult is to get the vaccine for a child.  All the local places I contacted were out and pharmacies in NJ are not approved to deliver pediatric vaccines.  After much searching, I found that NYC pharmacies did get the approval to deliver the vaccine, and so, many have it available.   If you are concerned about risk factors – very young or old family members getting the flu, or have family members with weakened immune systems or just want to be safe - make a day-trip to the big apple with your little ones.

On to Other Preventive Measures…

  • Washing your hands is still the best advice.  Warm soapy water for 20 seconds is the recommended time.  If you have little ones, tell them to wash while they sing the happy birthday song twice to themselves or sing the ABC’s all the way though once.
  • Carry those little bottles of sanitizers so you have access to hand cleanser when you can’t access a sink.  If you visit a doctor’s office – make sure you sanitize.  Most of us go there when we are sick.
  • Wipe down surfaces that are germ havens.  Computer keyboards, telephones, doorknobs, pens that are given to you when you sign for a credit card purchase or in a doctor’s office are all famous for harboring cold/flu germs.  If you use a cleaning service, let them know you want that done, usually there is no fee to take some extra time to do this, if it is not already in your cleaning checklist.

Ines Cohron is the owner of Total Home Cleaning in Summit, NJ. 

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