FLEMINGTON, NJ - Hunterdon Central Regional High School has published its plan for reopening in September, with half the students set to attend in-person school Monday and Tuesday and the other half to attend in-person school Thursday and Friday.

All students will do virtual learning on Wednesdays to allow for a deep cleaning of the facilities.

According to the district, Hunterdon Central will reopen on an early dismissal schedule, and, for students reporting in person, the school will be open from 7:35 a.m. to noon, and will then complete the rest of the school day at home, with remote instruction until 2:03 p.m.

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On the days when students are in remote instruction all day, including Wednesdays, the schedule will run from 7:35 a.m. to 2:03 p.m., with the possibility of live virtual events throughout the day.

The reopening report also mandates that students wear a mask or appropriate face covering at all times while on campus, while at bus stops and when riding on district transportation. Those who refuse to wear a mask, without a precluding health condition, will be removed from in-person instruction.

Also at the building, some hallways and stairwells will be changed to one-way travel.

In addition, the district is working on planning expanded cleaning and sanitization of facilities and buses throughout the week to ensure a reduction in transmission of illness from potentially contaminated surfaces.

This will also include the arrangement of classroom furniture to ensure more distancing between the students, as well as the adjustment of HVAC controls and other steps to increase airflow and air exchange. The district has also purchased plexiglass barriers for areas that require closer person-to-person contact.

More outdoor seating will also be added to the school to encourage classes to be held outside, weather permitting.

Until further notice, because of these changes, the district will not be able to offer the facilities to outside users.

In addition, there will be no lunch block because of the early dismissal schedule, but there will be grab-and-go meals for students needing it.

Any students or staff who show symptoms of COVID-19, or who meet other public health criteria, may not come to campus, but can engage in remote work if they are able.

According to the district, the school calendar is being adjusted to allow students to start right after Labor Day, allowing the staff more time to prepare. Calendar changes will be announced soon, as will student group assignments as they conclude the development and balancing of a course schedule.

As for the buses, at this point, all buses will have hand sanitizing gel dispensers and drivers will sit behind a transparent curtain. The district will also be sanitizing them throughout the day.

All students and drivers will be required to wear a mask or, based on medical need, a transparent face shield while on the bus. Drivers and other personnel riding the buses will be screened for elevated temperatures and other symptoms prior to the first run.

Riders will be requested to maintain 6 feet of distance when possible, and the district may assign seating to help with that.

Superintendent Jeffrey Moore said he will be presenting the plan to the board of education.

“Though the state has not said that board approval (of the plan) is required, I feel that it is important to secure the approval of our board of education before implementing the plan,” he said.

For more information on the reopening plan, visit the district website at https://www.hcrhs.org/september-2020-opening-with-confidence-quicklink.