FLEMINGTON, NJ - The Hunterdon Central school board unanimously approved the award of a $1,574,000 bid to Billy Contracting & Restoration, Inc. for the IMC’s Phase 2 reconfiguration project.

During the Operations & Transportation Committee update by board member Scot Nicol, he noted the IMC’s Phase 2 reconfiguration as one of the upcoming summer capital projects the district is looking to be positioned for, plus one involving replacements and upgrades for the Hunterdon Central system of school clocks and bells as well as security camera system upgrades.

Nicol also described one more facilities’ project with a related board approval sought in late February.

“There’s a new project we are looking to do, with a new power source (an emergency generator) for the grades nine and 10 building, but that involves an increase in the project,” he said. “We would need to approve project architects SSP to provide additional professional design, construction administration and close-out services for basically its infrastructure and new wiring.”

The Somerville-based SSP Architects firm is to receive $9,700 for project specification and design work related to the emergency generator upgrade.

The board also approved contracts to vendor Eastern DataComm for: $85,551.75 for wireless clock upgrades, and $41,566.04 for the bell/public address upgrades.

Eastern DataComm was also approved by the board with a $49,880.12 contract for security camera upgrades.

The third and final contract approved for Eastern DataComm was for up to $30,000 for security cameras.

Along with operations and transportation agenda items approved by the board, the district declared two 2007 Chevrolet 20-passenger buses and one 2008 Chevrolet 16-passenger bus with wheelchair access as “surplus property with no value.” Business Administrator Gymlyn Corbin was authorized and directed to pursue the equipment’s sale.   

At the Jan. 25 meeting, Corbin was authorized to solicit project bids for the district’s Stadium Lighting Upgrades Project. At the February meeting, the board approved a resolution declaring this project a “proprietary project.”

The move comes after a Feb. 8 letter to the district outlining a request from the project engineer, William B. Edwards, P.E., “as he has determined that there is a need for the use of proprietary goods and services, which are of a specialized nature and necessary for the conduct of the district’s affairs,” according to the resolution approved Feb. 22.