SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Franklin School, along with the other district elementary schools, participated in The Great Kindness Challenge on January 25-29.   This is an annual event that schools around the country and world participate in to spread random acts of kindness.   For the challenge, the students were given a checklist from their teachers to complete as many random acts of kindness that they could during this weeklong event.  They were encouraged to continue completing these kind acts throughout the school year and beyond.

On Monday, January 25th, the students and staff watched a virtual kickoff assembly which includes photo/video submissions from students and staff about kindness.  This video was compiled and put together by Franklin School’s Speech-Language Specialist, Dr. Gillian Velmer.  On Tuesday through Friday, students watched videos of guest readers (the principal, staff members and students) reading books about kindness.   Ms. Wu, the school counselor, had additional videos and activities posted daily to her google classroom.


Students and staff also participated in a Spirit Week, dressing up each day for the kindness theme of the day.