TAPinto readers are civically engaged, read TAPinto frequently, and buy products or use services from TAPinto advertisers, the 2020 TAPinto Reader Survey found.  More than 4,000 readers took the survey, which took place in June.

The survey found:

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Additional findings:

●     37% of readers view a business more favorably if they advertise on TAPinto

●     93% trust advertising on TAPinto

“TAPinto readers are loyal – to us, to the businesses who advertise with us and to the communities in which they live. We appreciate their support of the work that we do and particularly their patronage of the businesses that advertise with us,” said TAPinto CEO Michael Shapiro.

“At a time when trust in media is at an all-time low and trust in advertising vehicles like Facebook is cratering, trust in TAPinto both as a source for local news as well as for advertising has never been higher.”