FLEMINGTON, NJ - Flemington Council is considering going it alone in hiring a business administrator, scrapping a deal with Lambertville to share the position.

At a meeting Monday, the council introduced an ordinance to hire a business administrator. In a separate resolution, it agreed to back out of a deal with Lambertville that it entered into in August.

“They have not hired anyone, and, in discussions, I felt it was better if we just move on,” Mayor Betsy Driver said.

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“They’re anticipating it,” added borough attorney Tara St. Angelo of Lambertville’s position. “I don’t think they can expect Flemington to sit out there floundering.”

The ordinance being considered by council establishes the position of an administrator, who would oversee all borough employees. It does not say how much the position would pay or whether the person would work full or part-time.

A full-time business administrator would not be allowed to hold office or have employment outside the borough without permission from the mayor and council, according to the ordinance.

The ordinance guarantees employment for a year, with the first six months set aside as a probationary period in which the administrator can be removed at any time if a majority of council votes in favor of it.

Lambertville established similar criteria when it hired a business administrator two years ago. The city decided to sever ties with former business administrator Alex Torpey last summer, and he has since sued the municipality for being terminated unfairly, as well as alleging a hostile work environment.

A public hearing on Flemington’s ordinance will be held Jan. 25.