To the Editor:

The three of us would like to set the record straight on an issue that Councilman Harris has decided to include us in. We do not wish to add to the incessant debate over the blue line. It is gone. We are focusing on the constructive work of making sure Flemington Borough’s government functions properly. We are also focused on consensus building, respectful communication, and working as a team despite our political party affiliation. Now is not the time for more division.

In his letter published on June 26, Councilman Harris ended by stating: “Accountability is the Council's responsibility. It is clear that our mayor and members of the council do not like transparency, or being held accountable”

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Because Councilman Harris has decided to impugn his fellow council members with the false and baseless claim that we “do not like transparency, or being held accountable,” we felt it our obligation to counter such a toxic narrative.

Councilman Harris likes to use the word “transparency,” but from what we have seen of his behavior on council, regardless of the resolution, ordinance, or bill being paid, Mr. Harris obstructs and sows discord. He may want to call his actions an effort for “transparency,” but we do not see his actions as anything remotely close to that or even representative of holding anyone “accountable.”

Despite Councilman Harris’s best efforts, the three of us will continue doing what we were elected to do: get things done. Flemington Borough deserves good governance and for Mr. Harris to continue in his mission to distort and call into question the actions of his fellow council members, is a misuse of his power and a poor choice on his part. This sort of cynical adherence to division is precisely what is wrong with many chambers of government. We--at least at the local level--have a chance to change that reality. We can be less divided and we have that power as members of the Flemington Borough Council.

This is our final word on this issue. The three of us would like to proceed onward to the challenging and worthwhile work of helping move the borough forward by focusing on the practice of good governance. We hope that Mr. Harris will join us in doing what is best for Flemington. The town deserves nothing less than our very best, putting aside personal grudges and political posturing.


Jessica Hand

Jeremy Long

Kim Tilly

Flemington Borough Council Members