When I first ran for Berkeley Heights Town Council, I committed to building the future of Berkeley Heights with you!  WE have worked hard over the years to make smart, strategic investments in our town that improve the quality of life and preserve affordability. Through collaborative efforts with residents, volunteers, and community stakeholders, we have seen significant improvements to parks, playgrounds, playing fields, infrastructure and services without burdening the taxpayer. I, Jeanne Kingsley, re-commit to these foundational principles as I run for re-election to town council.

I am a CPA and finance professional with over 25-years of experience in consensus building, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, and project management.  I do not approach any project or program without exercising due diligence in financial planning, sustainability, and how it will be paid for. My skill set and work ethic ensures that the creative process goes hand in hand with the financial process.  

Municipal government is not about one single issue or one financial hurdle. It is a constant balance, where no one answer or solution can exist without impacting other solutions. During my time on Council, our Town has faced many highly complex challenges. These include aging roads and facilities and the need to defend our community from increased demands in housing density, imposed under the guise of state-mandated affordable housing. I have faced these challenges by listening to and respecting the work, input, and thoughts of others, understanding the legalities of implementing ideas, effectively negotiating, and bringing people together to address our current challenges and through collaboration.  Collectively, we have made tough choices with an eye to the future, ensuring the resources and infrastructure of our Town are viable over the long term.  

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These efforts are not complete. With your help we can continue to work together to meet the challenges we face. As your representative, I will continue to seek and share your insights, ideas and collective vision for our community with the Mayor, fellow Council members, Township employees, as well as elected officials in neighboring towns, the county and state. I will continue to secure new and alternative revenue streams, to maintain affordability and move our town forward. Our volunteers continue to amaze me, and their unwavering commitment to our community inspires me. The people are what makes living in Berkeley Heights so special!

This election is important for Berkeley Heights as it’s critical that we have a Council with the skills, experience, and willingness to do the hard work needed to continue the forward momentum for our town. Our homes are one of the largest investments in our portfolios. It is important that we do everything that we can to protect our property values. Just as important is preserving the quality of life in Berkeley Heights—that affects each and every one of us.

I am proud to be running with Jeff Varnerin. Although new to local government, he is not new to community involvement. We are the right people, at the right time, to move Berkeley Heights forward.   

Feel free to reach out to us at https://bhstrong.com/or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kingsleyvarnerin4bh/.