CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Borough Health Officer counted 27 positive cases of Coronavirus in the period between Jan. 8 and Jan. 14 in its 41st Covid-19 update report released Saturday.

In the new year, there have been 64 positive cases reported, pushing Chatham Borough's count total to 309 since the pandemic began. Despite the recent surge, there have been no reported deaths related to the virus since June of 2020.

The full report can be read below:

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Announcement No. 41
Chatham Borough Health Officer reported that twenty-seven (27) residents have
tested positive (January 8 - January 14) for the COVID-19 virus for a total of 64
positive cases year-to-date and a total of 309 positive cases from the start of the
pandemic. This week’s cases include residents whose ages range from 4 to 61
years of age. 2 residents is under 11, 5 residents are under 20 years of age and 20 residents are twenty years or above in age.

As we head into the colder weather where indoor congregating is likely to
increase, and as a result of the already increasing number of Covid-19 cases
around the state, we are encouraging parents, teens, children and business
owners to continue their responsible approach to slowing the spread of Covid-19 by:
 Following social distance guidelines (indoors and outdoors)
 Wearing masks whenever you are around other people. (Including children
over two years of age)
 Washing hands often
 Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
 Staying home if you don’t feel well
 Keeping the elderly and those with preexisting conditions distanced 
Please continue to do your part for the sake of your family, friends and your
We will continue to share information on this and other cases when appropriate.
For more information on COVID-19, please visit, CDC
or .
Released: January 16, 2021
Chatham Borough
Total Number of Positive Cases (start-to-date): 309*
Mean Age (total): 38
Total Number of Positive Cases (current week): 27
Total (month-to-date) 64
Age Range of Positive Cases: 4-61
Number Hospitalized (start-to-date): 12

Total Deaths (start-to-date): 9
January Weekly Case Dispositions (current week)
 6 cases with a + household contact
 6 cases still under investigation
 4 cases we were unable to reach
 4 cases with no known exposure
 2 cases with a known exposure
 2 cases exposed via indoor sports
 1 case exposed via a holiday gathering
 1 case refused the interview
 1 case exposed via travel
Age Range (year-to-date):
2-11 3 cases
12-19 9 cases
20-30 13 cases
31-40 12 cases
41-50 11 cases
51-60 14 cases
61-70 2 cases
71-80 0 cases
81-90 0 cases
91+ 0 cases
Age Range (start-to-date):
2-11 14 cases*
12-19 58 cases
20-30 52 cases
31-40 44 cases
41-50 55 cases
51-60 45 cases
61-70 20 cases
71-80 12 cases
81-90 4 cases
91+ 5 cases

* This number has been adjusted to reflect redistribution of some cases following contact
tracing interviews.