BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -- It’s Day 6 post Tropical Storm Isaias and power outages continue in Berkeley Heights.  As temperatures rise this week, the Township is working closely with JCP&L to bring remaining residents online as quickly as possible.

JCP&L published a list of the remaining streets in Berkeley Heights without power, as of Saturday, August 8.  The Township is aware that this list is incomplete and is asking residents to report their outage (likely again as multiple homes have had to repeatedly report their outage) to JCP&L to ensure their street is properly tracked by JCP&L.  We have also informed JCP&L that their reporting system is inaccurately sending restoration reports to some homes that remain without power, and that their data may be lagging conditions on the ground.

We understand and share your frustration and are doing all we can to make sure JCP&L has the most up to date information from residents and is properly prioritizing repairs. 

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The Township OEM Coordinator and Deputy are personally directing JCP&L crews today, Sunday, taking them to each known outage location to coordinate repairs to help make sure BH residents are restored power as quickly as possible.

To report your power outage to JCP&L

  • Call: 1-888-544-8877
  • Online:, “Report Outage”
  • Text: Text “OUT” to 544487.  Residents can then text “STAT” to obtain a current estimate of your estimated restoration day/time.

The Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad will be open again today, Sunday, from 10am until 7pm as a cooling and charging station.  Please wear a mask, bring your charger and please keep 6ft social distancing while in the building.

As temperatures rise, please check on friends & neighbors to make sure they are safe.

Ongoing Post-Isaias Storm News and Updates are published regularly by the Township and are available on the Township website.  Sign up to receive these updates if you don’t yet receive them.

According to JCP&L, with missing streets added by the Township, these are the streets that still may have outages in at least some homes.

    • Allen Terr
    • Appletree
    • Archer
    • Beattie
    • Berkshire
    • Bolton
    • Braemar
    • Burlington
    • Cataract Hollow
    • Cedar Green
    • Cedar Lane (Free Acres) (BH Township added)
    • Chestnut Hill Drive (BH Township added)
    • Cinnamon Tree
    • Club Drive (BH Township added)
    • Countryside Drive (BH Township added)
    • Crest Drive (BH Township added)
    • Diamond Hill
    • Elm
    • Exeter
    • Fairview
    • Ford Place (BH Township added)
    • Gallinson Drive (BH Township added)
    • Glenside
    • Greenbriar
    • Hunterdon
    • Kent
    • Killarney
    • Kline
    • Lackawanna
    • Lawrence
    • Lee Lane (BH Township added)
    • Lincoln
    • Mercer
    • Middle Way (BH Township added)
    • Mountain
    • Murray Hill
    • Oakwood
    • Old Cannon
    • Overlook
    • Plainfield
    • Ralph
    • Robbins
    • Roland
    • Somerset Place (BH Township added)
    • Springfield
    • Sulfrian
    • Summit
    • Sussex
    • Swenson
    • Sycamore
    • Tip Top Way
    • Twin Falls
    • Upper Drive (BH Township added)
    • Watchung
    • Whitney
    • Winchip Road