“I wanted to share and follow-up with the readers of the South Plainfield Alternative Press regarding the use of red light cameras in our town. Please see the attached letter I received from the Office of James Simpson, the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.


  This is in response to my contacting the Commissioner when the adverse impact of the red light cameras in our area was brought to light by the Alternative Press. I have also forwarded the Commissioner’s letter to the Mayor and Borough Administrator.  I again offer my assistance to the borough in reference to this matter or any other matter involving the state. This issue requires continued monitoring. The law which authorized the cameras is a pilot program which is scheduled to end in 2014.  I am certain that there will be discussions at that time concerning the statewide merits and problems with the program. South Plainfield’s experience can be a deciding factor in determining if the program will be extended. Again, thank you to the Alternative Press for your proactive approach to this issue and I look forward to working with all of our residents to do what’s best for our home town.    If you have any comments or concerns on red light cameras or anything else please contact me. My phone number is 908-757-1677 and my email address is AsmDiegnan@njleg.org. " ~ Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr.