The American Medical Association has recommended to those patients who seek back pain treatment to consider chiropractic care before taking invasive measures such as electing for surgery. Surgery should only be considered if conservative therapies fail. These conservative alternatives should be the first “line of defense” because they are safer and more efficient in relieving pain.  The back is made up of bones, muscles, and nerves that help support posture and your flexibility. Back pain is usually caused by a strain of a muscle or any problem with these structures within the back. The pain can be anything from dull or sharp pain in your back or tingling or numbness that runs down your leg. These symptoms are usually signs of a pinched nerve which occurs when the disc bulges out and puts extra pressure on the nerve that is exiting between the vertebrae. This is often caused by what Doctors of Chiropractic treatment refer to as a subluxation.

What should you do if you exhibit any of these symptoms?

Well, luckily Chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal experts and are well suited to treat back pain and relieve nerve pressure. They are also experts in preventing these problems so you shouldn’t wait till you have pain to see a chiropractor. Dr. Mark Schlobohm stresses the importance of using chiropractic and other conservative methods of pain relief because “in many cases pain can be alleviated without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery, so it makes sense to exhaust conservative options first.” There is also plenty of research that suggests chiropractic care is not only clinically effective but also cost-effective.

How can you prevent back problems?

The key to avoiding these problems is preventing it before it happens. In a study of 10,000 adults, 1 in every 3 suffers from neck pain and 85% suffer with back pain. These statistics show that you have a high probability of suffering from some kind of spinal pain in your lifetime. Your back and abdominal muscles are trained to maintain posture so it is very important to exercise good posture in order to maintain proper back health. You need to develop proper techniques especially when participating in strenuous activities such as heavy lifting. It is important to bend your knees and turn your whole body so the pressure isn’t all on your back. Chiropractic care can show you how to properly maintain back health and prevent the possibility of spinal issues. Surgery should always be a last resort because there is a higher chance of failure. If you have or have had lower back pain or any other spinal issues, please follow the advice of the AMA and see a chiropractor first!

New Providence Chiropractic specializes in state of the art Chiropractic Techniques that rehabilitate the spine and nerves, and the evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries.  The facility offers lectures extensively to the community and their profession on numerous health related issues and has won several awards for service in the community and their profession for excellence in delivering chiropractic care.  New Providence Chiropractic also consults with Doctors of Chiropractic across the United States on delivering quality Chiropractic care.   Also, New Providence Chiropractic has been involved with elite athletes for years including the United States Decathlon team.  Dr. Schlobohm was a treating physician at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, and more recently at the Olympic games in Athens Greece for the Decathlon Team and plans to assist the  athletes in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.  He is a PGA certified treating physician for the evaluation and treatment for golf related injuries.