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Westfield Students “Sole Searching” for the Philippines

Lorre Korecky

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 • 11:49am

After telling her class about the hardships encountered by the typhoon stricken people of the Philippines, it was easy for Monica Gundrum to see that her second graders wanted to help. They were especially affected by news reports of how dangerous it is for many Philippine residents who are walking shoeless through miles of contaminated debris. 

The Tamaques School students agreed to become part of a campaign called “Flip Flops for the Philippines” which Mrs. Gundrum had heard about on television.  The 20 second graders reached out to their school, families, friends and Westfield community and hung posters about their collection.  The students, each holding a pair of flip-flops or shoes, will include them in their over-flowing box to be shipped free of charge by RDR Cargo Express to the Philippines. 

“They lost everything and we need to give them something we have,” explained Ethan Delforte.  Classmate Maddie Zemsky added, “It’s close to Thanksgiving and we are giving to others.”  Aaron Behrens noted, “We do it to help other nations.”

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