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West Essex Middle School Thanks Support Staff at Thanksgiving Feast

Allison Freeman

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 • 9:23pm


NORTH CALDWELL, NJ - It was a special Thanksgiving celebration at West Essex Middle School Nov. 26. The middle school’s student council thanked their school support staff with a Thanksgiving Feast in the school’s cafeteria. 

A large group of West Essex support staff workers attended the meal including Kathy Bergen, an Administrative Assistant / Human Resource Specialist from Pompton Lakes and Louise Fredo, of West Caldwell, the secretary to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Student council membesr served them a meal which included turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, salad, pumpkin pie, apple pie and cookies.

West Essex Administrative Assistant / Human Resource Specialist Kathy Bergen and Secretary to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction Louise Fredo  Credit: Allison Freeman

Seventh grade student council members Frankie Rizzo and Alex Burrowes, both seventh graders from Fairfield, thanked secretaries, custodians and board office staff for everything that they do for the students.

Alex Burrowes and Frankie Rizzo   Credit: Allison Freeman

"We are so lucky to be students at West Essex Middle School because we feel it is an ideal place for all students to learn, grow, socialist and have fun," Rizzo said. "We know that we would not have any of the positive experiences we do were it not for all of you and the support you provide...whether keeping our school clean and safe, helping us when we have a question or a concern or aiding us in learning the skills to be successful, please know that your efforts do not go unnoticed.”

Assisting with serving the food were student council members of Allison Schachtel, a seventh grader from Essex Fells, her cousin Carolyn Schachtel an eighth grader from North Caldwell, along with Jordan Flusser and Ellie Decker, both of seventh graders from North Caldwell.

From left: Jordan Flusser, Allison Schachtel, Carolyn Schachtel and Ellie Decker  Credit: Allison Freeman

Evan Katz and Lucas Schiffman were also on hand to serve pumpkin pie.

Evan Katz and Lucas Schiffman  Credit: Allison Freeman

Burrowes and Rizzo worked with seventh grader Anjele Demirdjian, of Fairfield, to serve the salad and dinner rolls.

From left: Anjele Demirdjian, Alex Burrowes and Frankie Rizzo  Credit: Allison Freeman

Also enjoying the occasion were middle school support staff Sylvia Farone and Gina Domenick

Sylvia Farone and Gina Domenick  Credit: Allison Freeman

"On behalf of the entire student body, the student council would like to thank you for all of the things that you do to make our experience here at the middle school so special," Burrowes said.

The council presented each staff member with a thank you certificate and a bracelet. The students thanked Pomptonian Food Service for preparing the food which the student council served during the celebration.

From Left: Sylvia Farone, Gina Domenick, Ms. DiChiara and Ms. Sanzari  Credit: Allison Freeman   

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