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Township Council Agrees to Review 'No Turn On Red' Ordinance

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, November 22, 2013 • 4:55pm

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Township Council was in agreement that there are areas in Berkeley Heights that require traffic studies to review ordinance adjustments at this week's council meeting. The "Right on Red" traffic ordinances at the intersection of Snyder Avenue and Mountain Avenue will be reviewed. 

If the police department believes that it would not create an unacceptable hazard, the county will allow the township to make the decision to change the ordinance to allow a right on red at this intersection. 

The original ordinance of "No Turn On Red" at the this intersection was set because the location was considered an unimproved intersection.  Improvements have subsequently been made.   

Councilman Kevin Hall made a recommendation to have the administrator follow-up to call Sgt. Deitch to explore the possibility of changing the signage to accommodate right on red at this intersection.

Additionally, Administrator Linda Cavanaugh provided an updated report that the traffic light study at Snyder Avenue and Hamilton Avenue has been complete. Four proposals have been reviewed and the township will move forward with the least expensive bid. 

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