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Total Home Cleaning Serves Summit Area with Emphasis on Customers

Marina Kennedy

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 • 8:43am

SUMMIT, NJ - Total Home Cleaning in Summit has been successfully serving communities in the area since 2004. Owned by Summit resident Ines Cohron, the business has unique features that make it a preferred choice for residential cleaning services.  

They provide housecleaning, window-cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning services and post-construction cleaning.  While they do not put clothes through the washer or dryer, they are happy to help by folding clothes and linens for you.

One of the ways that Total Home Cleaning assures the quality of their service is by providing excellent communication to their customers.  They recognize that all homes are different and that homeowners have specific wishes.  They start with a cleaning consultation and provide an estimate for no obligation.

Total Home Cleaning was the first bonded and insured company in the area to use Green Seal Certified cleaning products.  More traditional products are used to clean and bathroom areas. They made the selection of products based on recommendations of chemists and stone and wood specialists. The Green Seal products insure that materials such as granite, marble and hardwood floors are being handled properly to insure the lasting beauty of their clients’ décor.

Cohron said that Summit is an ideal location for her business. “It is great to be in an area where people really care about their homes and about each other,”  said Cohron, who  also believes that the local business have an excellent network.  “Business owners in our area are always ready to help each other and there is such a deep talent pool to use as a resource.” 

Total Home Cleaning has 18 employees, and it is clear that the company understands its importance in the community. “Living and having a business in our area means I am contributing to the local economy and the local schools and organizations,” Cohron said. “I can’t imagine where else I would want to have a small business today.”

Total Home Cleaning has been selected by “George to the Rescue” as one of the service companies participating in the transformation of a home. The George to the Rescue team requires well-trained service companies that can deliver excellent service under tight deadlines.  Total Home cleaning is now featured on their web site as a preferred provider. 

Total Home Cleaning recognizes that giving back to the community is important. Part of their mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. As Cohron said, “That is what we do for a living.” 

Cleaning homes for people in need has been a natural fit for the company. They have donated thousands of dollars in cleaning services to cancer patients. In October, they cleaned for a mother who spends most of her time in the hospital with her daughter , who is battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The mother said that the cleaning meant so much to her because her daughter’s immune system is “basically zero and dust and dirt will be a problem for her.” Cohron said, “Helping someone like that is extremely gratifying.  They also support disabled veterans who need help getting their homes cleaned through an organization called ‘Cleaning for Heroes.’  This year, they had our first client through this organization.”

Cohron finds the business personally rewarding.  “I love the way we improve clients’ lives, freeing them to do the things they love with the peace of mind that a local business treats their home with care and respect,” Cohron said. “I love the way our employees’ lives are bettered by our company. We offer tremendous training in professionalism and life-affirming skills. This makes for happier employees who want to do their best for our clients. We all work as a team to get the best results possible.”

Total Home Cleaning has a motto, “Simple Living, Healthier Home” and they are committed to their clients’ satisfaction. For more information on Total Home Cleaning, visit its website at www.total-home-cleaning.com, or call them at (908) 273-8774.


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