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Westfield — Letters to the Editor

Thank You For Donating to Children’s Specialized Hospital

Phil Michel

Friday, May 16, 2014 • 8:52pm

I just wanted to thank the many Westfield train station commuters who donated to Children’s Specialized Hospital. [Editor's note: To read our earlier story about this, click here.] The Walk n' Roll event is being held tomorrow. So far, with donations still coming in, the Foundation has raised almost $300,000. This is higher than last year.

Westfield train station commuters continue to be generous and supportive. We raised close to $100 in less than two hours on Monday the 27th. In addition, I received many words of encouragement for the fundraising as well as thanks as people shared their family stories on how a family member benefited by the services when they were a patient at the hospital.

Thank you for your support in publishing such a nice article in such short notice.

Best regards,

Phil Michel

Volunteer, Children’s Specialized Hospital, Walk n' Roll committee

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