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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Diane Klaif, The Alternative Press

Saturday, December 28, 2013 • 1:51pm

The students and staff of Durban Avenue Elementary are continuing their efforts to spread holiday cheer over to our Armed Forces by sending holiday cards with warm wishes for all the winter holidays and for a happy new year!

Mrs. Moschella’s class, back in October, worked to send our troops Halloween baskets to bring some extra smiles their way. In a mission to continue their support, her class has teamed up with the classes of Mrs. Catizone, Mrs. McConnell, Mrs. Kouris, Mr. Jayne, Mrs. Strzepek, Mrs. Munoz, Mrs. De Salvia, Mrs. Valle-Campo, Mrs. Wolf and Miss Amelio, to send cards along with some much needed holiday cheer!

These cards were mailed to 3 different Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan. Addressed to PFC Anthony Maniace, Mrs. Moschella’s son, and Specialist Ryan Dunn, the cards will be distributed among those on the base. Each soldier will share in the delight of warm greetings and wishes from one of our students here at Durban Avenue Elementary School!

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