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Sparta Middle School Students of the Marking Period

The Alternative Press Staff

Saturday, December 21, 2013 • 5:11pm

SPARTA, NJ-Sparta Middle School's Students of the Marking Period were announced at the Sparta Board of Education meeting on Monday night.  Each team names a boy and a girl. 

6th Grade:

Amber –  Erin Finnegan and Jordan Ouimette

Topaz  -  Taylor Canfield and Nicholas Furgeson

Sapphire – Evan Fischer and Nancy Nester

7th Grade:

Diamond -  Jessica Longstreth and Michael Nauta

Garnet – Mikayla Bivona and Zach Van Es

Ruby –  Logan Daghlian and Lomaani Ranasinghe

8th Grade:

Jade – Daniel Baker and Madelyn McEllen

Emerald – Emerson Chin and Grayson Smetana

Pearl – Carly Seeland and Luke Valentine

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