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Sixth Night of Chanukah Brings Randolph Community Together

Wendi Manderioli

Monday, December 2, 2013 • 10:54pm

RANDOLPH, NJ - The sixth night of Chanukah was celebrated at The Randolph Recreation Center on Monday, Dec. 2. The Chabad of Randolph planned and facilitated the annual Menorah lighting and family party.

Rabbi Avraham Bekhor, director of the Chabad, introduced Deputy Mayor James Loveys and two township council members, Roman Hirniak and Michael Guadagno.  Bekhor thanked them for their support. Loveys spoke briefly to say that the township embraces its Jewish history and heritage, and on behalf of himself and the Township Council, he wished everyone a joyful Chanukah. Bekhor began the candle lighting ceremony by introducing Meyer Rosenthal, a longtime Randolph resident who took the honor of lighting the candles.

Rabbi Bekhor spoke deeply about the meaning of Chanukah and that “Women are the foundation of the light brought into the home.”  He explained how responsibility is really two words put together, and said “Jewish women have the ‘Response-Ability’ to make life positive for our children.”

It was a festive atmosphere with live music by “Morah Music”, games, donuts, latkes, coffee, cocoa and free giveaways. Children enjoyed dancing, limbo and hula hooping contests as well.

The Rabbi’s wife Chava Bekhor, who is director of education at the Chabad, is the third generation of her family involved in the Randolph community. Knowing the needs of the town and dedicated to raising Jewish awareness, Chabad’s goal is to create a warm community atmosphere. Bekhor stated “How nice it is to have all Randolph residents come together from all of the different synagogues to celebrate Chanukah.”

Chabad’s foremost objective is to bring joy and celebration of Judaism to their members. Chabad of Randolph is committed to this cause.


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